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Do you remember the jitters you got when you bought a home for the first time? I get that feeling each time I receive a listing. The feeling of excitement and thrill never gets old when you sell houses, because each house is different, and each pose a different challenge.

I’ve been selling homes and properties for a long time. I became a REALTOR® in 1998 and have learned many things about real estate, especially in Santa Cruz. If there is one thing I have learned from my experiences, it’s that any property will sell if you have the right market and use the proper marketing tools. Each property is meant for someone!

Country Property for Sale in Santa Cruz CA

The Warren Drive property

Around the end of October, I received Warren Drive on my listings. It is a wonderful property and has many unique and wonderful features to offer. It is also different from my other listings, so I know I have to do something different. It is not just a home and a land, it is so much more.

Along with marketing it to the right people, one of the ideas that came to mind was to write a blog about it. It is a one-of-a-kind home, in a location as exceptional as the property itself.

So I blogged about it. I wrote about how unique Boony Doon is and the possible lifestyle it offers. I shared about how it is a great getaway spot, about how one can achieve peace, quiet and retreat, immersed in the loving embrace of nature.

In the blog I shared about the many exceptional features of the Warren Drive property, about its majestic redwood trees and 15.9 acres, where you can plant, grow your own garden, raise your livestock, write, explore, create the lifestyle that you want, and find peace.

One of my favorite feature in this property is the Redwood Chalet – the mountain chalet style home built from hand milled lumber from the land. Seldom will you come upon a home where the wood used in the home is from the land itself. This home is a perfect merge of modern conveniences and traditional design, a testament that we can live comfortably in the middle of nature when we have the right materials to use.

The yurt also deserves a special mention. It came to place through the help of the neighbors who help lift it up, since it is located at the highest point of the property.  It is the largest sized yurt available, and now it houses a decent size living area, with a one bedroom, a full bathroom and a kitchen. From this yurt, you can have the potential view of the ocean.

It’s sold now!

All the hard work in the marketing and in that blog paid off.

I’m so happy to share that Warren Drive is in escrow now. An all cash buyer is closing in four days. We already finished our three days of inspection and it is ready to close on the 13th.

Two more buyers have shown interest and wanted to be in back. I’ve been really busy with open houses and so many showings. I think the blog website has really helped, along with the right marketing.

This has turned out to be a great experience. I am thrilled that the Warren Drive listing sold successfully.

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