7 Open House Reminders for Sellers of Santa Cruz Beach Homes

Here are 7 solid tips for an unforgettable open house for your Santa Cruz beach home.

7 Open House Reminders for Sellers of Santa Cruz Beach Homes

Open houses are great opportunities for you if you are a seller of Santa Cruz beach homes for sale. A successful open house will connect you to the right buyer, find the best offers for a home, and may even get your home sold quicker. On top of the preparations that go with beautifying a home, there are is also a set of proper etiquette that has to be observed if you want your open house to be a good experience for both you and potential buyers. Here are some important reminders if you are thinking of holding an open house.

Here are 7 solid tips for an unforgettable open house for your Santa Cruz beach home.

1. Allow your visitors to view the home freely. After greeting your guests, allow them to tour your home by themselves. You do not want to make them feel unwelcome or distracted by watching them too closely or chatting with them too much. You do not even have to be present during the open house – you can be well represented by your agent.

2. Be honest about your home’s features. If there is anything that will affect your home’s value such as its age or the neighborhood where your home stands, be prepared to disclose such information to interested buyers. Since some states require a disclosure form, make copies ahead of time so that anyone who comes for viewing can have a copy.

3. Keep other offers confidential. Buyers do not have to know about the other offers for your home. The last thing you would want potential buyers to feel is that they are being manipulated into buying your Santa Cruz beach house for sale.

4. Use brochures and flyers. To help visitors learn more about the community, prepare materials that will highlight the amenities, events, and other important information about the area such as nearby sports parks, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, recurring activities, taxes, and other services.

5. Prepare some refreshments. Though this is not a must, cookies and drinks always help guests feel right at home. Serving baked goodies would also be a good way to thank your guests for dropping by.  It also gets visitors to stop and have a quick chat with you or your agent.

6. Listen to feedback from your visitors. One of the advantages of having an open house is being able to hear the opinions of viewers about the price and features of your home. Have a guest book for your guests to leave their contact information so that you or your agent can get in touch with them after your open house.

7. Check your house before locking up. To maintain your home’s cleanliness, do a little tidying up before calling it a day. Make sure that everything is back in place, any dirt or clutter is cleaned, brochures and other materials used in the open house are kept away, the lights are turned off and the windows are locked.

Potential buyers of beach homes for sale in Santa Cruz CA will always remember a good home that is well-presented and the owner who treated them well. Open houses can only get better when you have a real estate agent to help you out, so if you want the best experience in selling your home, start contacting your trusted real estate professional now.

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