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Selling Your Home on the Internet
By Sandy Wallace
Different and Better– First thing you might want to know is that I have a plan that is different and better for you to list and sell your home. We all look at the internet and all the over 300 syndicated real estate website that are on the internet telling you and everyone else about your home. Well most of the time that information is not accurate. My plan is to take over all of those website and post detailed blogs and pictures and market reports that will prove to you and the interested buyers looking at your home that your home is worth that $$$ million dollar price. if you are ready to be listed and ranked on google with the correct information that will sell your home for more money with less hassle in a record breaking amount of time.
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Highest and Best Exposure in the Bay Area–
MLS Listings Inc is the multiple listings service for the Bay Area. San Francisco Bay Area includes San Francisco, East Bay, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey.

Utmost Care– I am very proud that I have a reputation for caring, protecting and looking out for all my clients. That starts right now with this introduction. Every client is special and I design a custom marketing plan that meets their needs. I would like to be able to give you my listing presentation about 1-2 months before you are ready to sell. That is when I put your home on my advertising list for the newspaper and mailings. I will answer all your questions; show you how my exclusive pricing strategy and give you my recommended list price. And of course I will explain all the costs of sale in a printed net sheet that will also show you what you proceeds will be from the sale.
Strategic Marketing and Pricing Plan–This will have your home sold in 10 -14 Days with multiple offers over your asking price with the terms that meet your needs. I do everything for you. These are just some of the many things that I include in my custom marketing plan.
Professional Photographer–I hire only the best photographer and meet them at the house to take 25 -30 pictures of your home and the neighborhood and the ocean view in many home. My photographers set up each shot to be the best angle and they take 3 exposures to make the picture pop. They are posted on the internet on the day the listing goes on the market.

Professional Staging–Your home doesn’t need much if I can use what is there and add color, light and design. It will pop and the buyers will say, WOW when they walk in. Professional stagers charge $1000 – $3500 to do stage a home that is empty. It always brings in a 9 – 10 % higher sale price. I am able to include this in your custom plan.
Professional Cleaning–It is my policy that every buyer has a clean home to move into. Of course it has to be sparkling clean from the moment it goes on the market. I will have professionals clean everything before it goes on the market and again just before the buyer moves in.
Home Warranty–I will provide the home warranty policy that covers all your home’s systems and appliances while your home is on the market. If anything breaks you only pay the service fee of $75 and they either repair it or replace it.
This benefits you in so many ways:
• Avoid unexpected, covered repair and replacement costs during the listing period.
• Alleviate concerns a potential buyer may have about the condition of the home.
• Discourages the buyers from trying to negotiate a discount.
• Reduce the chance of a delayed closing.

The Grand Opening–II have a reputation for having the best open houses in town! Because I will show no home before it’s time, that is when it is picture perfect. I invite all the top producing agents with their clients. I have food and beverages catered for 50+ people. There will be soft music playing that is specially design to encourage people to sit down and eat. Some of my listings need to have extra chairs brought in to make this happen. I have 2-3 other agents come from Keller Williams Realty (that are also licensed bonded and insured) to help me show your home with all its positive features and benefits and answer questions. These agents have been trained by me to know all the right things to say and do.

Exclusive Seller Only Representation–I will only represent you when it comes to selling your home. It is required that I show you my license # 01232172 and explain that I am offering to represent you in the sale of your home. This form is in all my listing presentation for you to sign. It is not an agreement to list your home with me at this time. it is a disclosure from the Bureau of Real Estate (BRE). This explains the that I am dutifully required to represent your fiduciary options.

Buyer’s Agent –These other agents are there so that they can bring you the buyer and I can stand up for you at all times. I will have enough to do when after 15 -20 days of high exposure and marketing you have multiple offers that I will present to you. These agents are highly motivated to bring you a buyer at the highest and best price and terms. They are paid half of the total commission fee that we agree on at the time of the listing.

My Guarantee– I can guarantee you no one will bring you more money then I will with this system that I have in place for all my listings. The last listing sale I had received 7 offers in 10 days and was closed and sold in 29 days for 9.5% over the asking price. It is my fiduciary duty to diligently exercise utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty in dealings with the seller to represent you to bring you the most money on the sale of your home. I am responsible to recommend the price that will cause your home to sell.

In closing this long introduction I want to say that I have much more to tell you about how I sell homes but more importantly I want to listen to you and your family’s goals and dreams for your future. I love my business and life here in Santa Cruz and it’s mostly because I help people and families have great lives.

I would be honored to provide you the most my excellent services to sell your home make your life easier just knowing that all the details of preparing your home for sale are being taken care of by a true professional.I will respectfully listen to your needs and desires when you call me to come talk to you about selling your home. When I first visit your home I will take a complete assessment of your home

Sincerely yours,

Sandy Wallace, REALTOR®
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