These Outdoor Improvements Add Value to Your Property

Capitola CA Homes for Sale

Outdoor features increase your home’s ROI

When you are considering selling your Capitola home, and you wanted to maximize your ROI, you need to upgrade some items in your home.

On top of the list is installing energy efficient appliances and features. Homebuyers love the savings they get in the long run.

The second best upgrade you can do to increase your home’s value is to work on its landscape and outdoor entertainment features. Modern living is all about outdoor entertaining and open spaces, so improving your home’s landscape is a sure way to increase its value.

Top four budget-friendly outdoor improvements to boost your home’s worth.

Capitola CA Homes for Sale

Gardening and landscaping.  People are visual creatures. We love looking at beautiful things and our moods improve when we are surrounded by serene garden settings and beautiful landscapes. That’s why we love homes with gorgeous landscapes.  

When potential buyers visit your Capitola home, they will make up with their minds very quickly whether they love it or not. Seal the deal by delivering a high quality yet low maintenance landscaping.  

  • One way to improve landscaping is to add edging to your sidewalks and driveways. This is a technique employed by many gardeners, and it can easily enhance the appearance of your landscape from boring to lovely.
  • Creating a small garden with a good mix of plants and bushes is another way to update your home’s landscape. Use native or drought-tolerant plants local to your area so there is less maintenance. Give it a pop of color by incorporating different flowering plants.
  • Another way to improve your curb appeals is to enhance your landscape by adding a stone or water feature. Not only does it enhance the landscape, it also draws the eye away from the other imperfections of your outdoor setting.

Installing lighting. When the night sets in, proper lighting in your home can make a huge difference. Updating your home’s outdoor features will not only improve its safety and security, it also enhances the ambiance.

Light up your patios and walkways for better presentation. When you want your gorgeous landscaping to be enjoyed even at night, stage it with amazing lighting. Even a modest sized deck will look so much more appealing and inviting if it is properly lighted.

Updating your home’s  curb appeal. We all know how crucial the first impression is. If you plan to sell your home fast, this is one outdoor feature you need to work on. It can get more potential buyers in the door.

Simple things like cleaning your pavement and pathway, painting the front door and garage door, adding a new doormat, and making your lawn look healthy and green are instant boosters to your home’s curb appeal.

Adding an outdoor entertaining space. Homeowners love the concept of an outdoor retreat. They enjoy of having an extension of their living rooms outdoors where they can relax, unwind and entertain. This can be a deck, a porch, a patio or a pergola.

A paver patio is a great addition to a backyard, and it also fits in the budget. For relaxed and easy living, a porch is a great option. A pergola is wonderful if you want to add character to your outdoor retreat. A deck is best especially if you are in good location and want enjoy the view.

Outdoor improvements are great home value boosters. To help you know how to feature your outdoor landscaping in it’s best light, reach out to me, Sandy Wallace at 831-818-7099.

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