Victorian Style Homes for Sale in Santa Cruz CA

Victorian Style Homes for Sale in Santa Cruz

Planning to buy a Victorian style home here in Santa Cruz?

Homes in Santa Cruz are available in several different architectural styles. If it is your lifelong dream to own a Victorian home, there are many homes for sale in Santa Cruz for you to choose from.

You can find many Victorian homes close to Downtown Santa Cruz, especially on Walnut Avenue and Mission Hill.

Walnut Ave is beautiful. It is the first residential street in Santa Cruz and only minutes away from downtown. It was the preferred place of residence for rich settlers from Spain and other countries.

Mission Hill is located uphill from the downtown area. It was the starting place where the Spanish priests pitched their tents and began their mission.

The truth about Victorian homes

Your concept of a Victorian home probably comes from books, magazines and movies that feature their style.

Did you know that a Victorian house is any house built during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901)? During that time, regardless of what type of home you built, it was called a Victorian home. In that sense, Victorian is not a style; it is a period.

Homes for Sale in Santa Cruz CA

During that period, different architectural styles like Regency architecture, Italianate style, Gothic Revival style and Queen Anne style were popular.  Victorian homes are a mix of these different styles.

Here in Santa Cruz, you will find the same concept in the Victorian homes. They are a beautiful blend of the various architectural styles.

Victorian homes for sale

Do you have a specific home style in mind? Perhaps you are looking for a home with pediments reminiscent of the Greek Revival. Or you would like a balcony with balustrades from the Beaux Art style?

Having specific architectural features in mind, when you search for a Victorian home for sale in Santa Cruz can make it easier to identify the home you want, since there are varying styles of Victorian homes.

Also, some Victorian homes are big, imposing and detailed. Others are modest, with fewer details, but distinctively Victorian style nonetheless.

Do you like the Victorian cottage style? You may find this  Victorian style home on Pearl St suited to your preference.

This home was built in 1910.  In the true Victorian home fashion, it is narrow and tall. It features an asymmetrical roof design with a steeply pitched roof in front in the back.

This home is newly remodeled to make it perfect for modern living, but it retains its Victorian home style charm. After the renovation, it can now be referred to as a modern Victorian cottage.

Another Victorian home you may want to look at is this charming 1910 Santa Cruz home for sale located on Laurel St.

This home is close to downtown and has a spacious lot with a creek running through the backyard.

The facade of this home has been carefully preserved, although some renovations and add-ons have been made.

Care and maintenance of your Victorian style home

To live comfortably in your Victorian home, you would need to make some repairs.

Due to the age, you may have to replace the roof, ceiling, windows, wiring, exterior maintenance and more.

There are many things that can be done to update a Victorian home to give it a more contemporary look.

Much care and maintenance goes into owning a Victorian style home, but it is worth it. After all, not everyone can have the privilege of living in or buying a historic home for sale here in Santa Cruz.

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